Become a volunteer

Supporting the Priory Association

To support the Priory Association, to take part in activities as a volunteer or to ask about news, we invite you to fill out the individual or family membership form. Your member card will offer you unlimited access to the Priory during open hours (visits, exhibitions), reductions for evening concerts and discovery outings (adults an juniors).

You also can support the Priory Association by a donation (tax-deductible for French taxpayers).

Joining the Priory Association to:

  • Benefit from the reduced rate for the ‘Rendez-vous du Prieuré’ (excluded Hortomnales) and for the Priory guided visits.
  • Have unlimited access to the Priory and the exhibitions during open hours.
  • Benefit from the reduced rate for one person visiting the Priory with you.
  • Keep informed, all along the year, of the Association life.

How to become a volunteer?

Motivate volunteers is one of the biggest jobs of the Association. Thanks to the volunteers and the salaried employees, the Priory live every day! The volunteers’ presence, enthusiasm, effectiveness and generosity toward salaried employees is essential.

More than 200 volunteers are involved for the Hortomnales. We need you, young and older of every generation to keep this place alive.

Being a volunteer, it is responding to particular or regular needs. Your implication can be as varied as reception, logistic, project management for the hortomnales or all along the year.

  • Reception: providing information at the welcome desk
  • Logistic: preparing or taking part to events, taking part in a commission (gardening, show, exhibitions, …)
  • Project management: taking part in event management…

You are kindly invited to join us and share your ideas to develop together activities of the Priory Association.

For more information, contact the Priory Association.

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